Amongst a select gathering of the top HNIs of Indore, PRESTIGE EXPONENTIA was launched on 10th December 2022. Dr. Sanjeev Patni (Program Director) gave an opening note of introduction to the program, followed by the welcome speech by Dr. Davish Jain – Chairman Prestige Group. A panel discussion was organised on the topic FAMILY BUSINESS AND GEN Z, on which top national experts on family business, touched on various issues which are typical to a family business and gave thoughts and tips about the way in which an exponential growth can be achieved with harmony and progress. They expressed views on innovations and the evolution of new opportunities in the rapidly changing economic and political global landscape. The keynote was delivered by the international authority on Family business – Dr. Parimal Merchant (Director – Global Family Managed Business, S.P. Jain School of Global Management). In his unique style, he mentioned about preserving the core values of a family and the need for a clear succession planning. The launch of PRESTIGE EXPONENTIA was carried out ceremoniously and in a celebration. The elite gathering expressed their views about the desperate need for such a program and keenness to explore.
Dr. Parimal Merchant(Director – Global Family Managed Business, S.P. Jain School of Global Management), Pranay Piplani(Marketing Guru and Serial Investor), Dr Mita Dixit(Researcher and Family Business Counsellor), Prof.Kaustav Majumdar (Serial Entreprenuer and Organisational Change Expert), Pranay Gupta (Mentor, Investor and Private Equity Expert), Vanita Keswani (Media Expert)Dr.Debasis Mallik (Sr. Director PIMR), Dr. Sanjeev Patni (CEO, AIC-Prestige)