Prestige Exponentia

Program On Family Business, Entrepreneurship And Innovations

Exponentia is a premium segment and a well-researched initiative of Prestige Institute of Management and Research (PIMR), in association with AIC Prestige.

The new environment presents a huge opportunity for the family business, emerging entrepreneurs, and startups for exponential growth. Nurturing the new generation with the required knowledge, skills and abilities mitigates the challenges and ensures the success and continuity of enterprise growth.

With the foundation of the family business well laid and youthful Indian visionaries, it is time to envision a well-planned induction of the new generation, to take it to greater heights.

The business strategy needs are unique and require a critical understanding in the changing times. Likewise, it is important to identify and recognize the opportunity for innovations and leverage to the benefit of the existing business or by way of a startup.

Exponentia aims to ensure that the new inductees into the family business are well-equipped and capable of unlocking the exponential growth potential

Immerse the Prestige Way

Exponentia is a unique program to unfold and unlock the deep value in business with valuable knowledge, distilled wisdom, and critical information. Today’s dynamic and competitive world is full of newer business opportunities. Expert mentoring will make your immense business potential blossom. The legacy and the spirit of family businesses are to be preserved and nurtured for growth continuity, better performance, and scaling new frontiers.

Business Growth

Businesses and family require to focus on profitability and productivity along with nurturing and acceptance of people around them. These crucial parameters of business growth call for methodical understanding and learning.

Better Performance

Family business enhances commitment to business performance, long-term strategic plan, and corporate independence. The key to exponential performance lies in in-depth analytical skills and decision-making power.

Reach the potential

The immense potential of dynamic markets provides endless opportunities to explore. These avenues in sync with potential and performance along with appropriate training and development can ensure to gain success.

Operate in harmony

The day-to-day operational challenges and transcending of family power have to be managed in harmony with different stages of development, which can lead to exponential growth.

Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor's Degree or an equivalent qualification. Work experience - preferably 2+ years in a family business.